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What is “Family Room Sessions"?

Family Room Sessions are community worship nights across the country held primarily in living rooms and backyards.

Why do we do “family room sessions”?

Our heart is for every community to foster their own culture of worship and creativity. FRS stems from a passion to connect with the family of Christ at large and to encourage and be encouraged by faith communities across the globe. We love meeting new people and experiencing a taste of all the wonderful things God is doing in His Church at large, as well as documenting the testimony of God’s work within the body.

What is FRS affiliation with One Big Family?

Family Room Sessions features music by artists who are a part of the One Big Family (@onebigfmly) community.

So How does it work?

Around early-mid afternoon we arrive at a house, meet the Family Room Session host (the person who’s house we’re hosting the event at), spend time connecting with the community and, while doing so, set up a proper space in the house or backyard for people to gather and worship. Usually around 6:30/7pm, people began to show up at the house and we eventually dive into playing music and sharing songs. The music goes on for about 2 hours. Our priority throughout the evening is to leave space for the Holy Spirit to “lead the show”. Our hope is that the evening is a blessing for the community and creates a safe and fun space for people to gather and experience the presence of Jesus in a transformational and creative way.

Do you charge?

As of right now, there is no fee involved in hosting a worship night. We feel that the Lord has called us to bring our songs and expression of worship to new communities and want to make it as easy as possible to invite people into a welcoming space to worship and encounter Jesus. We create an opportunity during the event for people to sew into the costs that go into touring and keeping the ministry running as they feel led.

can i host a family room session too?

Yes, of course! Though we aren’t able to fulfill every request due to schedule and route-planning, we would love to hear from you and discuss what it would look like to host a FRS at your space for your community. Just email:

Where is this ministry based?

Phoenix, AZ.

Is fRS blessed/covered by a church organization?

Yes, Steven (LOVKN) has been attending and involved with ministry at Living Streams Church in Phoenix since 2011. Family Room Sessions shares the same beliefs and statement of faith as this church.

Does this ministry tithe?

Yes. The first 10% of every donation we receive is sewn back into the local church.

breakdown of the expenses that will go into this month-long ministry trip:

GAS/Fuel: $2,300

Lodging: $500

Vehicle maintenance: $150

Travel (toll-roads/parking fees, etc.): $250

Food: $500

Marketing: $200

= $3,900

Prayer requests

  • Fullness of health. No sickness to exist in our bodies at any moment during the trip

  • Peace be with us and go before us

  • Angels surround and protect the van

  • Brotherhood 

  • Fostering genuine community and creating new beautiful friendships

  • A comfortable and safe place for everyone to sleep each night

  • New hearts would be open to receiving Jesus’ love

  • Genuine experiences of praise

  • Many, many, many, many smiles and lifelong memories to cherish

  • Full communication throughout the crew traveling

  • Uplifting, loving and inspiring conversations

  • Free parking spaces for the van

  • Favor over all the team

  • Health and strength over our vocal chords

  • That Jesus’ blessing would fully be on this trip 

  • Salvations!