LOVKN is a Christian singer-songwriter blending captivating acoustic music with lyrics that inspire people towards Jesus Christ.

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LOVKN / noun / Family of love

The family of God is a family of love. LOVKN exists to create worship music that inspires and reminds the family of who Father God is and who He says we are as His chosen children. 

"It all began with a desire to write a song that honestly expressed my emotions to God. In walking through a season in my life where no other song but my own was going to get me through to the other side, I had to wrestle it out with God."

There's no better way to approach the highs and lows of life than through worshiping Jesus. He is the constant and faithful One. His love is a love that will never change. When we choose to worship Him in the midst of turmoil, we gain heavenly perspective. We gain hope and comfort unlike anything the World can give. 


Full-length album to be released in 2018

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