In the stillness of Your eyes

Every anxious thought in me subsides

In Your confidence of gaze

I can look ahead now unafraid

In the seasons of my life

When I’m just trying to survive

Like a lighthouse on a hill

Though heavy fog, You’re shining still

When my doubt is daring me

To make haste, hit the highway, leave everything

The only reason that I stay

Is Your grace and hope in this place where I grieve

In the seasons of my life,

When I just wanna run and hide

As the cradle calms a child

You always calm me with Your smile

in the desert or the sea,

You’re always watching over me

Giving strength where I’ve lost all

You hold me even when I fall

In the refuge of Your hands

I’m no longer stressing ‘bout the plans

My perspective rearranged

As I choose to trust You with my pain

In the seasons of my life

When something doesn’t feel quite right

When the only prayer I know

is Father, Father where’d You go?

Like a whisper in the wind,

Suddenly a voice begins

Child of mine, close your eyes

I’ve loved you from the dawn of time,

And I have never left Your side