LOVKN is an independently run entity.

This means that there is no big record label fronting money to support the costs that go into recording/touring/marketing, etc…(but we like it this way)

One way you can support is by financially partnering with the music ministry of LOVKN.

We are currently raising support for a month-long tour called “Family Room Sessions”. It runs from 9/17/19 - 10/20/19. You can learn more about it by clicking HERE.

Here is a breakdown of the expenses that will go into this month-long ministry trip:

GAS/Fuel: $2,300

Lodging: $500

Vehicle maintenance (oil change, etc.): $150

Travel (toll-roads/parking fees, etc.): $250

Food: $500

Marketing: $200

= $3,900




Prayer works!

One of the most helpful ways you can support LOVKN is to partner in prayer for this ministry while we are touring!


  • Clear weather and safe road conditions

  • Good health (all sickness, STAY AWAY in Jesus name!)

  • That I would not lose my voice but that my vocal chords would stay strong and healthy!

  • That many people who hear these songs would encounter the hope and peace of Jesus!

  • That I would find a safe place to sleep every night

  • That many would find salvation in Jesus name!

  • That my equipment would stay safe while locked away in my car